Jonathan Percy
Freelance Producer/EP

GE Appliances - Kitchen Reimagined.

If your kitchen could study you, what would it learn? How would it adapt? Could it become more intelligent? GE spends countless hours studying consumer insights about appliances so their new products think more like you. To demonstrate how this relentless curiosity translates into more intelligently designed appliances, we created an online experience called the Kitchen Reimagined.

Users can explore and learn by clicking on hotspots that are spread throughout the experience. Each clickable hot spot pulls up a cloud of insights, ideas, infographics, demo videos, social streams and lessons to help consumers learn more in the kitchen. “The site offers a rich, digital experience that highlights the great new features in our products and includes content based on social insights around kitchen,” says Wendy Brown, manager of consumer digital and social media for GE Appliances.

CLIENT: GE Appliances
ROLE: Group EP