Jonathan Percy
Freelance Producer/EP

GE Cooking Fail Redemption.

Sooner or later, everybody fails in the kitchen. Which makes cooking fail photos not only hilarious, but also extremely relatable. We tapped into this human truth to help GE launch its newest appliance line by creating a contest for those with the biggest fails. The prize? A chance to recreate a failed dish with the help of a celebrity chef in the GE Kitchen. We called it: Cooking Fail Redemption.

Three winners were selected from our Cooking Fail Redemption submission page on Tumblr and flown to Kentucky to film a one-on-one lesson in the GE Kitchen. In each episode, Chef Jeffrey Saad teaches the winner the techniques needed to recreate their dish the right way. In the end, Chef Saad helped three people turn their epic cooking fails into culinary masterpieces. The final videos were featured on the Tumblr page and throughout AOL’s media channels.

For a campaign based on failing in the kitchen, the Cooking Fail Redemption contest was huge success for GE. The GE homepage achieved a 600% jump in website traffic. The first Tumblr site developed for the brand page received over 65,000 visits. Three episodes of Cooking Fail Redemption received over 1 million video views in the first month alone. And video completion rates 4x the industry standard.

CLIENT: GE Appliances
ROLE: Group EP