Jonathan Percy
Freelance Producer/EP

Heineken Routine Interruptions.

Wieden+Kennedy teamed up with Rock Paper Scissors editor Carlos Arias and Sonic Union mixer Steve Rosen to impede on the daily routines of unsuspecting New Yorkers in “The Payphone” for Heineken. Directed by Nick Gordon of Anonymous Content, New York, the video follows “Portlandia” star and SNL funnyman Fred Armisen as he dials a NYC payphone to see which passerbys would answer, and more importantly, which ones would heed his request to come across the street to the world-famous comedy venue, the Comedy Cellar. For the few who were willing to take the adventurous gamble, they were surprised with the unique experience to accompany the comedian on stage at the comedy club.

“The Payphone” is a part of the new “Routine Interruptions” campaign that features a series of social experiments that challenge real people to make a choice to get outside their comfort zone and show what can happen when you let Heineken open your city. Those of legal drinking age are encouraged to participate by submitting their phone number at for a chance to receive a mysterious call from Heineken that would give them an opportunity for a unique experience in their city.

CLIENT: Heineken USA
AGENCY: Wieden + Kennedy NY
ROLE: Executive Producer