Jonathan Percy
Freelance Producer/EP

Nissan #ImpossiblySmart Mural.

Driving the Impossibly Smart Nissan Altima feels as though the world is moving around you—so we launched the tech-filled sedan with an equally smart mural, continually painting the world around the vehicle. Oh, yeah, instead of hand-painting the murals, a robot stepped in and did all the work. That’s smart.

First we collaborated with multiple 4D artists to create environments displaying just how impossibly smart the Altima is. Drawing inspiration from the 'Tech That Moves' positioning, we asked our artists to visualize the feeling of driving the vehicle—from winter landscapes that map back to the confidence I-AWD can give you, to futuristic scenes evoking that ProPILOT Assist feeling of stress-free driving. Then, each day we we let the world decide which mural would be painted next, polling votes through social ads on Instagram and Twitter. In the end we created a star of our own,  live streaming the entire event positioned on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the net effect of our Altima being painted from scene-to-scene over the course of five days.

Behind the Scenes Video:

Time-lapse video:

Artist Renderings:


ROLE: Executive Producer