Jonathan Percy
Freelance Producer/EP

Nissan KICKS Keep it Fresh.

Nissan flexes the boundaries of the Spotify platform to create the ultimate cutting-edge playlist. With its Nissan Intelligent Mobility Integration and BOSE headrest, music is a standout element in how the Nissan KICKS uses it’s technology to move people. We tapped into this passion by partnering with Spotify to create an experience that analyzes a users current profile to determine their “Fresh Score” and then delivers a hyper-focused playlist and visualizer with only the newest releases.

The Nissan Kicks website is nothing short of stunning—build with the absolute latest in technology, including a React framework, WebGL animations, responsive UIL and ultra-styled elements throughout. We also created a sleek music visualizer, and partnered with Spotify to tap into each user’s music preference.  

Besides its good looks, the site has some serious algorithmic wizardry, providing each user with a “Fresh Score”—a number that rates how fresh their music taste is. After they log into their account, users’ listening history are analyzed and rated zero to 100 based on the average time it takes them to find a new track or how aligned they are to Spotify influencers.

The end reward? A dynamically generated super-fresh new playlist for each user that they can jam out to on their next big drive.

Case Study:

ROLE: Executive Producer