Jonathan Percy
Freelance Producer/EP

The New School
Discover a New Path

Working with The New School in New York City, I produced 17 2 minute long videos, each one focused on a current student of the university. The videos were part of a campaign meant to attract new students and to promote the individual schools under The New School umbrella.

Each student was shot on green screen, reading from their admission essays and then speaking to how they've grown as a student while at The New School. Using each student's personal assets (sketches, projects, photos, etc...), a unique animation and design were developed to make each video stand out and shine. An original musical composition was created to compliment each video.

As producer, I worked with The New School team to edit and design each narrative, while maintaining the relationships with the production companies and other stakeholders.

You can view all 17 videos on the campaign microsite:

CLIENT: The New Schoo
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: SandenWolff (shoot and edit), Transistor Studios (post and animation)
ROLE: Freelance Producer